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Nuclear Weapons and Military Preparedness in the Asia-Pacific


The United States is not militarily prepared to deter conflict with China over Taiwan. Whilst American military power in the Asia-Pacific is formidable, the sheer logistical challenges of deterrence with conventional forces in a multipolar maritime theatre fundamentally undermine the United States’ preparedness to fight and defeat a People’s Republic of China (PRC) assault on Taiwan.

Alternatively, credible deterrence may be more readily achieved through the threat of low-yield nuclear weapons actively dispersed throughout the Asia-Pacific.


Curtis hosts three experts in Australia, Dr. Christine Leah, Dr. Carl Rhodes, and Natalie Treloar, as they discuss AUKUS from an Australian perspective and its association with deterrence.



Carl, Christine, Natalie, and Justin discuss whether Australia can trust the United States to deliver deterrence as part of their alliance.


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